miniMAX Trade Show / Exhibition Management Software

miniMAX Exhibition Management System or Trade Show Management Software, a fully cloud-based web application to manage, organize and monetize an event or trade show with its all the aspects. A similar super user admin, agent and clients panels implemented on the safe and secure environment. This is generally the best Organizational software being used in many companies and small business groups. It organizes different type of events and trade show which attracts visitors. There can be a product launch exhibition, engineer project launch, trade fairs, seminar, etc. this cloud-based software can be used in many events and trade show. This system is pure web solution which requires nothing to install on the user computer. This is developed by the owner company who proven and widely used in small, medium and large scale organization. It’s widely used in scalable and we will further customize as per client requirements. A robust technology user can access the system by giving their special role. You have grant access to revoke any threatened access to for any functionality modules by the user.

Extended Features:

– Configuration unlimited trade show events and managing them from a remote area.
– Bar code registration, scanning approval or rejection system.
– Accept exhibitor, delegate, buyer, seller, and even register the civilian.
– Allow participation of user account managing it properly.
– Module based and alert operation for the non-payment.
– Provide error/exceptional help to find and fix all the major/minor issues.
– User requirement with the minimum effort to accommodate.
– We have designed the database to the user requirement.

Configuration Features:

– Create as many types of a trade show, events and product launching as per user requirement.
– You can create, edit, delete the unlimited trade show/halls/ venue with their particular size and area.
– Add unlimited products with their proper categories and parts.
– Now you can make unlimited user profile as per requirements.
– Controlling the access permissions for each working modules and provide the proper reporting system.
– You can add unlimited participants, charges for the trade show, currency type, and many more options.
– Add event images company logo or even email communications.

Technical Features:

– A responsive system which is also working on smart devices such as smartphones and tablets.
– Code igniter technology which is widely used.
– Result oriented system is proven with the MVC designed framework.
– Controlling all the sessions management through client machine.
– Options to encrypt the session management.
– Monitoring user activity and log management.
– We have customized the whole system as per user requirements.
– Compatible with all the browser such as chrome, safari, and firefox, etc.

Reporting Features:

– Exhibitor Stats
– Floor Stats
– Delegating the payment report
– Registration report
– Visitors report
– Payment report
– Exhibitor registry reporting
– Seller and Buyer report
– Customize reporting
– Reports can be export on pdf, excel csv and using other options

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