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In the current era of Information and Communication of the European and the world felt the effects of this change in our country are closely monitored by public agencies and institutions in our country.

miniMAX software , data processing module , the module President , Environmental cleaning module , Classifieds Advertising module , Real Estate module , water billing and collection module General assessment and collection module , the collection module , other income accrued module , Accounting module chattel regulation module Personnel module , Statistics module , payroll module Officer , Labour payroll module , follow-up module of immovable , Marrying module services over the internet tracking module , Parking born automation system integration modules with each other municipalities ; revenues within a system of monitoring, in-house accounting management and control system ensure the healthy functioning , to facilitate access to revenues , to facilitate the reporting of revenues , ensure that staff working in the computer environment , the staff to take action quickly and accurately provide information quickly and accurately provide access for the past , the municipality of business and increase staff productivity , better quality and contemporary municipal public ensure that the services , the development of computer technology and ensure the growth of the municipality , the municipality and increase public confidence in municipal information, documentation and reporting of statistical information , such as the quality standard of services in Turkey over 30 municipalities, has successfully co-operation lasting solution.

municiple 2
muncipal information system

    Shortcomings of Conventional System


    • Revenue Loss.
    • No proper coordination between the municipality management.
    • Departments as data are offline.
    • Manual recording of data.
    • Manual Filing of application for trade, birth & death registration, etc.
    • No proper coordination between the municipality.
    • Search and retrieval of Data becomes difficult.
    • Problem with indexing of records.
    • Huge potential for data Manipulation and human errors.
    • The data maintained in excel spreadsheets is inconsistent.
    • No centralized database in place.
    • The process of generating reports becomes problematic and time.


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