Learning Management System

Get Easy to Understand Academic information for all Student, Teacher and Admin Staff of School / Universities

miniMAX Academic Management System (AMS) is a web-based platform that allows students to achieve the best result while allowing schools activities to effectively manage day-to-day. Our web-based solution integrates all the features of traditional school management software with a set of teaching and learning tools focused on student outcomes. miniMAX is designed to support schools to not only improve administrative workflows but also to nurture their students across all stages of their learning journey.

    Academy Management Software features


    • Collaborative support networks
    • Powerful and efficient administration
    • Integrated teaching and learning
    • Real-time reporting
    • Enable effective communication


miniMAX is designed to satisfy your most critical could based project for school operational needs.

Efficient Data Management Saves Times and Reduces Costs

By creating a centralized, institution-wide data warehouse, AIMS provides visibility to all areas of your institution – from student enrollment, curriculum planning, and student allocation to resource assignment, financial information, and staff benefits.

Ensure Accurate Information for Better Decisions

AIMS provides a single source of information to make timely and effective operational and financial decisions.

Maximize Resource Allocation and Increase Productivity

With a comprehensive academic management system, the staff is free from mundane and repetitive administrative task to focus on more difficult issues.

Student Services with Integrated Student Portal

With the Online Student Portal, empower students through expanded information access – online enrollment for classes, online viewing of current coursework, academic record, and status of degree completion.


miniMAX delivers the most cost-effective and flexible solutions. New users or sites can be easily added to the system enabling a fast and cost-effective deployment and ongoing maintenance.

3rd Party Hardware/Application Integration

miniMAX can be integrated to 3rd party hardware’s or applications. Common integrations include integrating to SMS gateway, accounting software, and Biometric Attendance System.

High performance at a small price

miniMAX delivers reliability and benefits you would expect from a much more expensive system. Yet it is reasonably priced with low initial investment and maintenance cost.

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