Hospital Management System

A Hospital Information System (HIS) is an equivalent for healthcare information management system at use in hospitals. Hospitals facilities create an abundance of information round the clock, 365 days a year, all of which needs to be well managed to ensure efficient functioning.

Hospital management software (HMS) should be updated and different modules are added into this system for making that more profitable. For making it more specific, registration of new patients, management of outpatients and inpatients, billings, providing medicines, etc are catered under the included system intended for the hospital. These features make the hospital management system extra advantageous.

    • Achieve good quality ratings
    • Cost reduction
    • Keeping Hospital connected using the internet
    • Medical report creation support
    • Most advanced facilities provided
    • Stored data protection
    • Avoid errors and track every single detail
    • Superior reception management
    • User compatibility
    • Better revenue management
    • Work as contemporary turnout machine
    • Establish your hospital as technically advanced


    Get Boost your HealthCare Industry from our Dispensary Management System

    Today we’ll discuss a few of the advantages of installing dispensary management software capable of providing powerful tools to streamline daily sales.

    • Quick Training
    • Handling High Volume
    • Menu Integration
    • Built-In Marketing

Patient self-scheduling an appointment

Its a growing trend among healthcare professionals basically because patients need to feel they are in command of their time as well.

Get Implement from Physician Scheduling Software

Perfectly suited to doctors, physicians, paramedics and practitioners of alternative medicine. This doctor appointment software offers your patients effortless booking while streamlining medical appointments into one easy-to-use backend software. miniMAX is an excellent time management tool which optimizes patient appointment scheduling for a variety of HMS (health management system).



    • Pre-populated various visits included decreasing.
    • Redundant and repetitive data
    • Customizable Fee Schedules – Standard.
    • Custom Fee Schedule by Payer, by Plan, Cash, Worker Comp etc
    • Electronic Rx & refill with over 75000 pharmacies nationwide
    • Lab & Results integration
    • Record Patient Payments and create instant Receipt
    • Print superbill with patient information
    • Specialist consultation reports using pre-defined templates
    • Integrated with large Clearinghouses

Efficient Practice Management Services:

Our cloud-based practice management service has your financial well-being in mind from the get-go.

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